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Natural ..beautiful ..sustainable ..durable brushwood fencing

Natural ..beautiful ..sustainable ..durable brushwood fencing

Environmentally friendly brushwood fencing is a labour intensive specialised industry requiring experienced and specially trained installers and tradesmen.
Each fence is constructed over a galvanised steel frame, hand thatched and finished with care and detail ensuring the longest maintenance free life. Brushwood can be used for fences, feature walls, screens and gazebo and pergola roofs.
Hand packed brushwood fences can be made to any size and shape, and can be fixed to most surfaces.
Handpacked brushwood fencing offers versatility in design allowing curves, bends and arch shapes that cannot be replicated using other fencing materials.
For difficult sites, sloping land, trees or other obstacles, handpacked brushwood, built to suit the landscape, is the preferred solution.
Popular with landscapers, architects, homeowners and garden designers, natural fencing is enjoying a new surge in popularity due to its environmentally friendly nature and high durability.
Brushwood fencing is ideal for small spaces, helping to create an openness that only the soft natural shapes of the Australian bush can add. Visually appealing brush fencing is ideal for use in townhouse developments and terrace houses and immediately adds a feeling of space by removing the stark defined boundaries that paling or brick fences create.
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