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Avoid costly neighbour disputes over fencing!

Avoid costly neighbour disputes over fencing!

Most disputes over fences are about the style of fence. One homeowner may want a brush fence while the other may prefer a less expensive paling fence. If such a dispute goes to Court, the Court will look at the standard style of fencing for the area.

The most common mistake made over fences is where one homeowner goes ahead and gets work done without consulting their neighbour, and then serves them the notice to pay, believing that their neighbour has an overwhelming obligation to pay. The answer is: Always talk to your neighbour first and try to get agreement. And remember, if neither of you wants a dividing fence between your properties, then you don’t have to have one!

The best way of avoiding unneccessary problems with your neighbour is through good communication. It is suggested that a well drafted letter to your neighbour stating your intentions is the best way to avoid neighbour disputes, even if you are not asking for payment towards the work! This should be backed up by another letter including quotes obtained by fencing contractors. Thirdly, a completion letter requesting payment for their portion of the work is required upon completion.

Download a collection of draft letters to serve your neighbours only $4.95!


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