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Neighbour fencing dispute resolution 1300 633 623

Neighbour fencing dispute resolution

Most disputes over fences are about the style of fence. One homeowner may want a brush fence while the other may prefer a less expensive paling fence. If such a dispute goes to Court, the Court will look at the standard style of fencing for the area.

The most common mistake made over fences is where one homeowner goes ahead and gets work done without consulting their neighbour, and then serves them the notice to pay, believing that their neighbour has an overwhelming obligation to pay. The answer is: Always talk to your neighbour first and try to get agreement. And remember, if neither of you wants a dividing fence between your properties, then you don’t have to have one!
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If your neighbour does not agree to the fence, you need to obtain a quotation and send them a Dividing Fences notice. They have the option to respond, but if they don’t, you may go ahead and organise for the fence construction and your neighbour will have to meet their share of the cost. If there is a genuine dispute, you may try to settle it through a Community Justice Centre or, failing that, take the matter to the Local Court.

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