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Mezanine loft plans

Build a mezanine storage floor

Need more space? If you have a garage or room with a high ceiling, a mezanine floor maybe the space solution you are looking for.

We constructed a mezanine floor out of timber and added a small staircase for access. The structure is self supporting and does not need to be fixed to the walls. Ideal for leased premises or storage solutions for the home and small business.

We have compiled a construction guide showing a step by step guide to the construction of a mezanine storage floor. Included are illustrations plans and a timber span table to help work out the correct timber sizes for the span required.

Easy to assemble in a weekend for the home builder. From small areas to large, just adjust the timber sizes and measurments to suit your room size.

Included are tips on construction and easy to read plans and illustrations.

View the full range of ADF construction guides at our website


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