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Entrance Gates

Build your own gates

– your fencing and gates are the most important factor in the
presentation of your property. Fencing and gates can change the look and appeal of
your property at the same time as providing security and privacy.
A well constructed gate will last many years if constructed from the right materials,
using the right methods. Below is a step by step guide to the construction of timber
gates and doors.

Solid Timber Gate Plans

Build a Solid Timber Gate!

Step 1.
Measure the height and width of the opening where the gate is to be installed. Cut two
vertical stiles to the full height. If a pattern top is required, be sure to add the extra to
the length of the stiles.
Construction of gates is best done using mortise and tenon joints.
Step 2.
Place the two stiles side by side and mark out the position of the top, middle and
bottom rails. (fig 1) Cut a mortise 75mm deep and 80mm x 10mm wide into the centre
edge of each of the stiles as shown.
These mortises can be cut with a 10mm drill (drill press preferred) and a sharp 10mm
Step 3.
Place the rails side by side and mark the tenons to be cut. The rails will be the length
of the opening required, less the width of the stiles, plus the length of the tenons.
NB. The mortises are 75mm deep and the tenons are to be 70mm long. This is to
ensure a tight fit to the visible joints.

Timber Driveway Gates

Build your own driveway gates

Step 4.
A rebate 15mm wide needs to be cut to the inside edge of the rails. This rebate should
be deep enough to position the gates panels in the centre of the stiles, (around 25mm
as shown below). The top and bottom rails only require the rebate on one side, the
centre rail requires the rebate on both sides for a double panel door.
If the gate you are designing has open pickets instead of a solid panel, the rebate is not
required. If the gate you are designing has pickets on the top and a panel on the
bottom then the centre rail only needs a rebate on the bottom edge.
Step 5.
Once the stiles and rails have been cut it is time to glue the gate together. Using PVA
glue and a pair of sash clamps, glue and clamp the door together checking the
diagonal measurement for square. Allow 24 hours to dry.

DIY Kits are available – just a hammer needed for assembly!

To order a DIY gate kit go to, choose your design and include the size/s required!

Many more DIY Kits and hobbie plans are available at:    Happy Building!

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