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Automate your driveway gates!

Auto Swing Driveway Gates

First Impressions Count! …new fencing and gates can change the look and appeal of your property for a relatively small cost, while at the same time, providing added security, increasing privacy and raising values!

Automatic sliding gates
Install an automatic sliding gate!

All Day Fencing manufacture a range of solid timber gates to suit any home in Federation, Victorian, Californian, Colonial and contemporary designs. The gates are built using traditional mortise and tenon joinery – quality rarely seen these days!

All Day Fencing and Gates
Beautiful custom timber gates

Gates are constructed from treated timber and come primed so all you need is a top coat!
As well as fencing, they also make entrance pergolas (arbors) and retaining walls. Add immediate street appeal to your home with well designed and constructed feature fencing and gates. The front gate is the entry to your home and by improving the entrance you can change the way people perceive your property, as well as increase the value for little expense.
Solid timber driveway gates can be manufactured up to 1.8m wide where hinged – and almost any length when fitted to sliding gate tracks and rollers! There are many considerations when choosing your new gate and fence design. What are your requirements? Are you trying to keep the kids in? ..are you looking to improve the street appeal? ..are you trying to block out road noise? you seek privacy? ..wind protection or fire resistance?
Visit the All Day Fencing ( website to view all the different shapes and designs.



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